Tweety bird

The Tweety Bird is easiest installed in a base station microphone although it can be installed in a hand microphone. Most parts are assembled on the IC soldering direct to the pins. Snip pins 9 through 13 off the IC. Unit can be covered with heat shrink tubing for a neat package. A resistor can be installed in the green wire to change the sound speed. A switch with a couple of different resistors or a potentiometer can be used for sound variations.

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Tweety Bird schéma (17835 bytes)

Seznam součástek

IC1 CA3086 / ECG912
PB1 Micro Miniature, Single Pole, Momentary
1 Red to positive 9 VDC, battery.
2 Any color wire from push button to Tweety.
3 Green to negative ground, negative side of battery.
4 Orange to audio, + side of microphone element.

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